Varsity Volleyball Girls Finish 16th in Las Vegas Tournament


The varsity volleyball girls finished 16th in a Las Vegas tournament.

Diani Martin, Staff Reporter

The Kamehameha varsity volleyball girls took on the Durango Fall Classic volleyball tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The two-day tournament was held at Coronado High School and Durango High School. The volleyball girls played a total of seven other teams. On Friday, September 16, the girls only played three games. The team was able to take the win for their first and third game with two sets and took their second game in three sets.

The next day, the girls took an unfortunate lost to the number one seeded team in the tournament. “My whole team was nervous, but we did pretty good recovering it,” said captain and Libero for the team, Kyra Hanawahine. They went on to win their second game but lost their last two games.

The varsity girls encountered a few challenges like adjusting to the time difference. “We were playing at seven in the morning in Vegas, which is four in the morning Hawai‘i time, so that was something we had to overcome,” said Kyra.

The team’s outside hitter and other captain, Kayla Afoa, said “I think overall we did good playing different teams. We played teams that were taller than we were used to, but it was a good challenge that helped us improve.”

The warriors continue on their journey to possibly be back to back state champions.