Peer educators give support


Students interested in becoming a peer educator should contact Mr. Ed Laplsey, KS counselor.

In 2015 Kamehameha Schools established a Peer Education Program for grades 9 through 12. Students who were interested in being a part of this program filled out an application and were interviewed by their counselors to be properly fitted for the position. After being accepted, students went through 6 to 8 learning session during the first semester that covered how to help someone who has been bullied, advocating healthy relationships, helping those who have self-harmed, and just comforting those who need it. The second semester consists of planning an end of the year project that showcases what was learned and sends a message out to other students and peers to raise awareness of the program and things they can do on their own.

On April 10, 2016 the Peer Educators held the 2nd end of the year ceremony. 62 freshmen through seniors completed the 2015-2016 program and are now moving onto helping their peers around campus and for next school year. In the 20140-2015 school year the Peer Education Program held 55 students, including the 2015 seniors.

Senior Outreach Counselor, soon to be the 2020 Outreach Counselor, Edward Lapsley has high hopes for the upcoming school year, “Many of the juniors now are excited to help the incoming freshmen. We [the program advisors] believe that with the enthusiasm of the current students, the program with grow healthy in the years to come.”

For anyone who is interested in the program or interested in helping the incoming freshmen transition into high school you can contact Mr. Lapsley at [email protected] .