Eh, We Talking to You

Special Letter to the Editor


Eh, that’s right, we’re talking to you! All of you who disrespect our school that was graciously given to us by our beloved Princess, Bernice Pauahi Bishop.

Perhaps you need to educate yourselves about this precious gift that is only given to a few, select Hawaiians in hopes of honoring Pauahi’s will: to create good, industrious men and women; people who will perpetuate her legacy.

Your taking of food, plates, bowls, cups, and utensils out of “Akahi and dumping them all over the campus is classless and downright embarrassing.

Eh, we are talking to you too, those of you who watch your friends and do absolutely nothing about their disrespectful actions. You are guilty by association! You are equally classless and embarrassing.

When you and your parents (or guardians) accepted your admission to KS, you also agreed to follow policy. You even signed the handbook. By disrespecting the school, not only are you classless and embarrassing, but you are also a liar.

Come clean with yourselves. Acknowledge your wrongdoings and help us to take pride in our beautiful school. Despite classless and embarrassing acts, we are a school of great pride. We are the school that Pauahi envisioned!

Climb aboard or find another school to disrespect.