Small Ways to Stay Motivated in Distance Learning

Discovering ways to overcome stress in distance learning is vital as students ease into the new school year.

Photo courtesy of Michigan Virtual

Discovering ways to overcome stress in distance learning is vital as students ease into the new school year.

Gisele Bisch, Staff Reporter

Now nearing the end of the first quarter, Kamehameha School students (along with most schools across the country) have been handling their classes behind a screen.

With quarantine regulations being set since March, online school might already seem like the new normal; however, some students may still find the distance learning dynamic to be a source of procrastination and lack of motivation. Being a student myself, I can attest to having no determination on some school days, with “zoom school” replacing regular school-life. So, in hopes to help other students combat that distance learning slump, here are some tips that may help to keep the motivation alive during the quarantine.


Dress up for the day as you would in normal circumstances – and stay away from your bed, if possible!


If your classes are in the same environment as the place you unwind, you’re more likely to become too comfortable during lessons and not be fully attentive. An effective way to achieve the same energy for school as you would in ordinary conditions is to ensure clear boundaries between work and leisure. Besides finding a table or desk to sit at, this means getting ready for the school day as you would in normal circumstances – getting out of your pajamas (or pajama pants for KS students), styling yourself as if you were going out in public, and so on. Not only does doing so make you feel more productive, but dressing up can be a great change of pace if you’re always inside.


Take advantage of planners or planner apps and get into the habit of writing down your schedule for the week.


For Apple users, the new iOS 14 update may be a great resource to stay organized and on top of schoolwork. Widgets, which are small programs that provide shortcuts to features that are typically found inside apps, allow people to absorb information at a glance. Apps like “Agenda” or “Widgetsmith” can make scheduling your school week simple and efficient. By taking advantage of these programs, staying on-task can be much easier. Likewise, if you prefer to write down your to-do lists on paper, keeping a planner book is an excellent alternative.


Go outside and take a breather.


While remaining diligent in your studies is extremely important, it’s essential to step away from the screen once in a while and take a break. Taking a walk or simply sitting outside is a healthy and helpful method to restore the energy you need to keep pushing through school. Staying in the house for most of the day can be exhausting, so it’s vital to do other things that will prevent your day from feeling stagnant.


As the school year continues to move forward, students need to find ways to cope with online learning stress. Some people may have their own unique techniques for combatting stress, but if you’re unsure where to start, taking these steps may help you.