KS Seniors Will Defy the Odds of Their Final Semester

College applications, scholarship deadlines, essays, and finals are the ultimate stressors when it comes to high school and figuring out your college career. Many high school students develop a mindset of being laid back and having the utter disregard for deadlines. In recent times, this mentality has been called “Senioritis.”

Although this has not been confirmed as a true neurosis according to psychiatric world of psychologists, this “neuroses” has been seen within many high school students. This type of behavior has been seen to affect the area in the brain that characterizes a student’s feeling of anxiety, depression, or unhappiness.
Despite Senioritis being a worldwide mentality for high school students, it seems that “Senioritis” has become somewhat of an excuse for incomplete assignments or as others would say lacking academic motivation. It’s understandable why many students “crash” during second semester, months of preparing for college admissions and finalizing your college applications can feel like quite the burden. Though what many students tend to forget is that, although your high school career may be coming to an end, your life is just beginning.

It’s time to get up, try your hardest, and reach for your goals. As Kamehameha high school students reach the final stretch of their senior year it seems that nothing can slow them down, not even senioritis.

For senior, Ulalia Bailey-Morris, she looks to the horizon and hopes to complete her fourth and final year of attending KS.
“My goal is to finish off strong and enjoy my last year here in Kamehameha, my plans after high school on the other hand is to go into the army and serve our country, said Bailey-Morris. Students such as Bailey-Morris develop their potential to get through this hectic school year despite minor setbacks.

In light of this final semester, students strive for the summit at the hopes of walking across the Neil Blaisedell stage and receiving their diploma, officially calling themselves Kamehameha Alumni. With the pressure of school and the pretentious banter of “senioritis,” students must overcome so much more than teachers and parents may understand.

Regardless of senioritis and school, Kamehameha students have the capability for greatness in which nothing can deny them the satisfaction of graduating from such a prestigious school. Although the odds may seem against them at times, the seniors of Kamehameha don’t let an obstacle get them down.
In May of 2018, the entire senior class will walk across that stage and make their trials and tribulations worth their while.