Speech and Debates Return to Kamehameha Schools


Competitors gather for their post-tournament traditional photo on December 11

After two years of not competing in-person with each other, Kamehameha Schools

Speech and Debate acclimates to the “new normal” with continued online competition.

On Nov. 20th and December 11th, the Kamehameha Schools speech and debate team have come

to campus to compete through synchronous online competition considering Covid-19. The

team has won three trophies for their overall competition and percentages of superior

performances at the latest tournaments. For many underclassmen, this is their first time

competing and while it is not back to in-person competition, team members are encouraged to

come to school to compete and experience the comradery together. The call time for

tournaments is at 6:45 am and students are expected to come in full suits, shoes, and ties.

Competitors are allowed to remove their masks when they are in their assigned individual

competition rooms. Other people on the team who are not competing are encouraged to come

and watch the three rounds of competition if they do not disturb the competitor’s performance

and are expected to always keep their mask on unless alone in a room, eating or drinking.

Senior Kaila Labra has been on the team for four years and has been both a competitor and

spectator at the past two tournaments and says “It’s nice to be back in person. While it’s

different, I’m just happy we get some sort of semblance to a real season.” Kapua Reeves, one of

the Speech and Debate team’s coach says, “To be able to have the team safely gather and

participate provides such a greater impact and boost spirits and participation.”