Five 5SOS Songs Perfect for Your Moods


Courtesy of Capitol Hi

5 Seconds of Summer’s new album, CALM, releases on March 27, 2020.

With 5SOS’ new album CALM coming out on March 27, 2020, here are some good songs from their previous albums in anticipation for its release.



Full of meaning, “Invisible” has a backstory for every line in the song. It exemplifies what sort of melancholy feelings were felt at the time and can be interpreted by listeners in various different ways. “Invisible” is definitely a great song for reflection and internalizing your thoughts.

“Why Won’t You Love Me”

This song embodies the emotions felt between two lovers who are continuously separated. The tempo of the song is pretty mellow-alternative and is a great ballad for when you’re “in your feels.”


“Over and Out”

Full of a fast-paced, punk rhythm, “Over and Out” describes the feelings of a person in the middle of a “dangerous” or toxic relationship; it portrays what it feels like to change (for better or for worse) when you’re with the person you like. It’s definitely a song that’s perfect for when you want to ‘rock out.’


“Outer Space/ Carry On”

This song undoubtedly uses a “cheery” and upbeat tempo, but it fully captures the reflection you feel after encountering a negative situation. In full, “Outer Space/Carry On” addresses the pain you’ve felt during the time of those circumstances, and finally breaking away from the problem. It’s a great song that connects to the silver-linings in life – thus the lyric “let the good times roll.”



“Disconnected” is unquestionably a classic – it’s a mellow, groovy song. This song highlights someone enjoying another’s company rather than being on a phone or electronic device. Being disconnected to the world – a world linked together by what’s online – these people are simply appreciating the time they have in each other’s presence.