A Legend Passes On


Courtesy of Katja Ogrin

Famous rapper, Juice World, Died at the age of 21 on December 8th with a shroud of mystery behind his death.

“Gone too soon” is how many describe the tragic death of Jarad Anthony Higgins, 21, more commonly referred to as Juice Wrld. He passed away on December 8, 2019, after suffering from convulsions and going into cardiac arrest while TSA agents search his bags in Chicago Midway International Airport.

While being searched after the private plane that Higgins flew on prior to his arrival in Chicago was suspected of carrying contraband, officers and agents found numerous drugs including marijuana, prescription codeine cough syrup, two 9 mm pistols, a .40-caliber pistol, a high-capacity ammunition magazine, and metal-piercing bullets.

It has been speculated that Higgins swallowed multiple pills in an effort to hide them from the authorities, but this has not yet been confirmed. Higgins’ passing follows the deaths of multiple rappers who have passed from drug use in recent years, including Mac Miller, XXXTentacion, and Lil Peep.

The young rapper shot to fame with the popularity of his songs All Girls Are The Same and Lucid Dreams in 2018. Many empathized with his songs, which expressed Higgins’s deepest feelings concerning drugs, love, and much more. Senior Nevin Sakai says, “His songs weren’t always the most positive, but his music was a vibe”.

His death leaves many with an eerie feeling, as he referenced dying at age 21 in his lyrics.  On his song “Legends” he sings, “What’s the 27 Club?/ We ain’t making it past 21”, making reference to the plethora of singers who died at age 27. Higgins also tweeted on April 25, 2017, “My goal is to get overly famous, shine for a couple of years..then fake my death⚰️” This leads some to believe that he faked his death, although many argue that this claim is disrespectful towards Higgins and his family.

In his short time in the spotlight, Higgins’ music left an impact that will not be forgotten. His ability to be vulnerable through his music was appreciated by. Senior Brandon Pave says, “He was the realest one out there and that’s what I really appreciate about him”. Rest in love, Juice Wrld.