DRAC Hosts Annual Wāhine Boarder Lip Sync Battle

Kau'i Samio, Staff Reporter

on November 7, 2018, in ʻAkahi Dining Hall during dinner, the Dormitory Residential Advisory Council (DRAC) hosted their annual lip sync battle for the wāhine of the boarding community

The lip sync battle consisted of four main components: participation, creativity, accuracy, and overall presentation. The battles were judged on a scale from zero to five.

Kīnaʻu Hale and Kapiolani Nui Dormitory forfeited the battle leaving  Kekauluohi and Kapuaiwa Dorm for a fight to the finish. Kapuaiwa went first with a medley of songs starting “Me Mine” by their very own, Jasmine Quintua-Salavea, and finishing with the tune of “Lips are Movin’” by Megan Trainor. Second to perform was the ladies of Kekauluohi with their own medley of songs, starting with “1 2 Step” by Ciara and ending with “Pon Di Replay” by Rhianna.

After two weeks of preparation, Kekauluohi Dormitory had finally taken first place in the lip sync battle!