Speak Out! – Keauhou releases new CD


Kau'i Samio, Staff Reporter

What is your opinion on Keauhou? Are you excited for their new CD release?

“Keauhou is the best modern Hawaiian music band right now. I’m going to their CD release party on October 12. Ninipo is my favorite because of the way Jonah starts the song.” -Hanu Racoma

“I love Keauhou. I think their music is awesome; it’s a good representation of perpetuating that Hawaiian tradition. The last CD release was awesome, I won a t-shirt!” -Alyssa Braffith

“I think Keauhou is amazing in general and I’m really excited for when thier new CD comes out. You go, Kumu Zach!” -Alexis Ah Hee

“I love Keauhou. They have good music. I don’t have a least favorite song but if it were my favorite it would be the classic Hanohano or Na Momi Ehā. LOL. See you there ‘kumz.’” -Nicole Naone