Netflix Series: Big Mouth

Netflix Series: Big Mouth

Emily Akau, Staff Reporter

The struggles of puberty take physical form in the Netflix original series called Big Mouth. In this series, viewers see those awkward first kisses, fluctuating friend zones and changing bodies through puberty.

The characters in this show range from horn dogs like Jay Blizerian and Andrew to intelligent young ladies such as Jessi Glaser and Missy along with their friend Nick who is left wondering why he is “a late bloomer.” With a school overflowing with hormones and drama, it is no surprise that the higher-ups have sent in their elite forces to guide the troubled teens.

In this show, the kids are accompanied by a certified hormone monster Maury and hormone monstress Connie. These fun-loving monsters are focused on teaching their kids how to not only survive puberty but also learning to enjoy it. Besides the fun and games, Connie and Maury are also reliable shoulders to cry on and are always offering their full-fledged support to their kids.

Throughout the series, viewers witness how important friendship and family are when hormones are spiraling out of control. This show will have viewers wishing they had a hormone monster of their own!