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  • Dec 7, 12:00 am
Take some time to breathe deeply and hug a tree.

Feeling Stressed? Forest Bathe

Azure Nikora, Staff Reporter November 26, 2020

The stress of this time is nothing new for anybody. For high school seniors, getting ready to submit college applications is already confusing in itself, not to mention the addition of that little pandemic....

The trees are cut down after the windy and rainy weather from the past few months

What Happened to the Trees?

Gisele Bisch, Staff Reporter March 8, 2020

Grown to be a part of the view at the upper campus, the trees behind the performing arts building were immediately noticed by students when they were cut down. With the high winds and rough weather...

One dollar equals one tree #teamtree

Online Communities Band Together to End the Decade on a High Note With the Team Tree Fundraiser!

Holly Ikeda, Staff Reporter November 9, 2019

Two online content creators James Donaldson (MrBeast) and Mark Rober have teamed up to plant 20 million trees by Jan. 1st, 2020 to fight climate change and end the decade on a high note. On Oct. 25,...

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