The News Site of Kamehameha Schools Kapālama

Ka Mō'ī

  • Dec 7, 12:00 am
The News Site of Kamehameha Schools Kapālama

Ka Mō'ī

The News Site of Kamehameha Schools Kapālama

Ka Mō'ī

Mobile App Change Log

September 13             Mobile App project start

September 16             Research into vendor for Mobile App begins

September 20             Mobile App design created

September 22             Mobile App design finalized

September 24             Mobile App presented and approved by Advisor (Lionel Barona)

September 26             Mobile App proposal created

September 26             Mobile App proposal sent to Midkiff Department Head (Kumu Kauwela)

September 26             Mobile App approved by Midkiff Department head (Kumu Kauwela)

September 30             Mobile App Development plan created

September 30             Technology Sustainability Action Plan created

September 30             Mobile App proposal sent to IT for approval (Timothy Freitas)

October 3                    Meeting with Timothy Freitas over mobile app breakdown

October 15                  Timothy Freitas redirected us to Kyle Galdeira

October 15                  IT Cleared Mobile App

October 20                  Contacted Kyle Galdeira for Websense at communications

November 1                Redirected to Andreas Arvman from communications

November 4                Contacted Andreas Arvman

November 18              Communications cleared Mobile App

November 21              Met with Mrs. Sandra Nolan for purchase

November 21              Forwarded all approvals from admin to Mrs. Sandra Nolan

November 22              Sent Mobile App Developer invoice to Mrs. Sandra Nolan

November 26              Unable to provide an invoice for Apple and Google Developer Fee

December 13               Mrs. Sandra Nolan emails different departments for approval

January 13                   Mr. Lionel Barona and Mrs. Sandra Nolan meet for payment for three


January 18                   First version of the app is developed

January 21                   2 Orders of Kamehameha Brownies ordered for February 4th

January 25                   Beta version created

January 25                   Beta version finalized to release ready

February 3                   Poster meeting with Ho’omano

February 4                   App launch date

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Mobile App Change Log
Ka Mō'ī