Boarding Students Raise Concerns Over Dinner Meals


Boardings recently voiced their concerns regarding dinner meals. Meanwhile, FLIK listened to concerns and is in the. process of making changes.

Terina Garcia, Reporter

Disclaimer: The boarding students interviewed for this story have stated that they would like to remain anonymous.

From the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, some highschool boarders have been disgruntled by the food being served for dinner in Akahi Dining Hall.

A high school boarding student, who would like to remain anonymous said, “The food quality is not good. They serve the leftovers from lunch and call it by a different name to claim that it’s a new meal, when in reality it’s not.” Another student said that the “inconsistency of good meals” is what has been frustrating. This student continues, “One day we’ll have great food and the next it’ll be disgusting.”

A senior boarder from Kauaʻi takes a different stance and said, “It’s not the best food, but it’s definitely not the worst. People are complaining about the food, but it’s not too bad.” Then, she added on, “But, we do seem to have the same meals every week.”

Some boarder students feel as though the problem would be solved if the Flik Staff reached out to boarders and allowed them to make meal suggestions. “If they took student suggestions on what the meals should be, there would be less food waste and happier students,” said another anonymous boarder.

Update: Flik management recently reached out to Ka Moi and listened to a few  boarders to better satisfy their needs.  This story will be updated.