Launa ‘Ike Educates the Juniors of KS


Students gather with KS Alum at recent Launa ‘Ike.

With the help of an overwhelming amount of KS Alumni,  students take a look into their future careers and interests on campus with the help of the recent Launa ‘Ike event.

On Sept. 6,  juniors gathered in different classrooms to discuss life after high school, and get advice and encouragement from successful KS Alumni. Juniors were assigned specific alumni based on an interest survey taken at the beginning of the year.

Many students enjoyed their Launa ‘Ike sessions, such as Adam Akiona, a student of KS since 4th grade. “I had a hard time answering the questions about my future but she encouraged me to go out and find what I wanted to do, and even gave me internship opportunities.” he said. Many students were able to ask questions and discuss their ideas with the KS Alumni, so they could get a better idea of their futures.

Although many students gained valuable information and advice Tuesday morning, other students were disappointed as their Launa ‘Ike alumni were late, or failed to show up at all. Maya Kaniaupiʻo, a student left waiting, said, “I was supposed to have someone from business and management but he didn’t show, so one of the leaders of the program came in and talked to us instead.” Despite the setbacks presented with the Launa ʻIke program, the leaders and teachers that were present tried their best to share their own manaʻo to make sure students weren’t fully left in the dark.