Opportunities for Students at Non-Profit, Moore Aloha


Moore Aloha

Images from different Moore Aloha day camps, where participants enjoy a variety of bonding activities with each other.

Bella Steinke, Co-editor

Moore Aloha Charitable Foundation is a 501C3 non-profit organization, founded by professional surfer and Olympic gold medalist, Carissa Moore. Using surfing as a platform to build an ʻohana of compassionate, authentic, and fearless young women, Moore Aloha strives to bring girls and women together to encourage, uplift, and inspire one another. 

Though they have devoted many years to hosting events in order to achieve just this, Moore Aloha has recently begun broadening the scope of the opportunities they offer to participants, and they hope to grow their loving community in the process. With surfing mentorship programs hosted by former professional surfers, internships working with an amazing team of young women, and day camps devoted to building relationships with fellow aspiring girls, Moore Aloha is an amazing place to look for numerous fun and educational advocacy outlets. 

To find more information regarding their upcoming events and programs, you can check out their website, www.moorealoha.com, and read more under the ‘EVENTS’ and ‘GET INVOLVED’ tabs. Additionally, people interested in the program may read about their news, future projects, and other ways to participate under the ‘NEWSLETTERS’ tab. 

Kamehameha students are always welcome and encouraged to participate in internships and programs to broaden and strengthen their skillset, and Moore Aloha offers numerous opportunities for students to do so.