Final Examinations: Dealing with the stress


Andreana La Pierre, Reporter

With finals week being at its peak, it is normal for students to feel stressed.But there are ways to deal with this stress when it becomes too overwhelming! Rather than letting the feeling consume you, channel your energy into activities that bring you peace.It is easy to let stress from school become all you focus on but there are many things you can do to relax. A short list includes reading, drawing or doodling, journaling, and listening to music. These activities may seem simple, but they are actually very effective.Another tip I have to reduce stress is to put the electronics away. It may serve as a distraction but there are so many other things you can do to forget about your stress! Technology can actually make some feel more anxious without them even knowing. My personal favorite thing to do when feeling overwhelmed is read. There is nothing better than picking up a new book and being immersed into the universe written on the pages. A bonus is that there is no technology involved. To share what they do when feeling stressed are a couple KS seniors. Kaianna Nahina says, “When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I think the most important thing for me is to take a break from whatever I’m doing and try to focus on something else. I like to switch up my music playlists or change places in the room, really anything that gives me a quick change of pace. Having a good support system definitely has an impact on easing my stress.”With her take on dealing with stress is Isabella Poepoe. She says, “When feeling stressed I enjoy lifting weights to take my mind off whatever I’m dealing with at the time. It creates an environment where I am able to channel these emotions into something beneficial.”However you choose to relax and ease your mind during finals week, keep in mind that there is always support out there for you. Don’t be shy to reach out when feeling overwhelmed. Just remember, a few more days and then Winter Break is finally here!