Kids 4 Kids Club

Do you love working with kids? Then this club is perfect for you! The Kids 4 Kids club is a club that focuses on cultivating our future lāhui. This school year, we plan to participate in several activities where we work with the younger generations in various ways, such as visiting our elementary campus, participating in Operation Christmas Child, and cooking meals for the families at the Ronald McDonald House. We pride ourselves in giving back to our communities and positively impacting the younger generations in any way that we can.


Those who are interested in joining this club can do so by contacting our club President, Taylor Moniz, to express their interest and willingness to cultivate our future lāhui!


Club Contacts:
Lynnete Mercado- [email protected] (Advisor)
Lionel Barona- [email protected] (Advisor)
Taylor Moniz- [email protected] (President)
Kalena Andrade- [email protected] (Vice President)