Mahea Attempts to Think Deeply: Quarantine Edition


Mahealani Deenik

On this issue of Mahea Attempts to Think Deeply, it goes over the COVID-19 Quarantine

I wake up to the sounds of birds chirping loudly and the occasional zooming of cars passing the back of my house. It’s usually mid-morning or on the cusp of noon, so the sun is up, and the day has started without me. I immediately go on my phone and check for the notifications that I don’t have and fuel my unhealthy TikTok addiction. I finally make the big move to exit my bed, stretch a bit, and do somewhat of a skincare routine while refraining from looking at my unkempt mess of a reflection.

Breakfast has now become one of my favorite hobbies. The freedom and creativity you have—given the variety in your pantry or fridge—is empowering and has become quite an exciting part of my day. Will I have banana bread today? Peanut butter pancakes? Extra crispy toast and some butter? The options change every few days and I’m thankful for that. Preparing and sharing food has become a sacred act, and so has the art of coffee-making.

I grind the beans in a very vintage coffee grinder, scoop a hefty spoonful of rich grounds and sprinkle them into an old fashion drip device. The hot water boils, and the pot screams in response. I place the dripping device over a mug, smell the comforting earthy aroma, and watch perfection brew. I crack my ice from the old mold in my freezer, place the cubes into a worn mason jar, and pour the steaming coffee over what’s soon to be a masterpiece.

And then comes my favorite part of the whole process, adding a product that I have deemed essential to maintaining an aspect of my happiness in quarantine. Almond Milk, the beverage that grounds my love for coffee and adds personality to the caffeine. I pour a generous amount of the white, silky goodness over the black coffee and watch something beautiful happen. My day is ready to start.

Yes, this is an elaborate description of a simple morning. Considering the circumstances brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve learned that you need to make sure you’re doing something— anything, big or small—to keep your happiness and mental health afloat. Find that hobby or routine that keeps you happy, motivated, and excited to get out of bed every morning.

For me, the art of breakfast and the remedying, unapologetic marriage between espresso and almond milk are some of the simple things keeping my marbles held loosely together. I know we are all going through issues of our own, and my heart goes out to all the families who are struggling through these uncertain, straining, and eye-opening times. I’ve learned to appreciate routine and the time I have to myself, finding joy in the little things of my day helps subdue the thoughts of what once was and what could have been.