Bored in Quarantine: Trends on Social Media Take Over the Internet


Courtesy of Gimme Licious

Social media trends, such as the Whipped coffee trend have become a way for people to cure their boredom.

Due to most of the world population being cramped within their homes because of Covid-19, an influx of challenges and activities have popped up all over the internet in order keep everyone busy and entertained.

These trends offer a way for social media users to stay involved with their friends and family in a variety of different ways. Social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram have inspired trends that thousands and thousands of people have participated in.

The app, TikTok, before the quarantine had been a large part of many people’s daily lives, and now, during the quarantine, its popularity has only continued to increase. All of a sudden, many TikTok trends started to surface on the app, which millions of users have taken part in. These trends include dance challenges such as the “Savage” dance and tons of DIY and cooking videos as well.

The most viral TikTok trend however is Dalgona Coffee, aka, Whipped Coffee. This coffee drink is known for being “aesthetically pleasing” and only requires three ingredients – instant coffee, sugar, and hot water – which are then mixed together to create a delicate fluffy froth. Many individuals have tried this trend because it’s something fun to do and it’s different than regular coffee.

Moving onto another app, Instagram has recently surged in connectivity and engagement over the past few weeks of this “quarantine season”. The first trends that surfaced on the app are known as “Instagram Story Challenges”. These challenges consist of doing random tasks such as drawing fruits or animals, posting baby photos, doing pushups, or sharing a favorite song with your followers. These challenges function sort of like chain mail; if you get tagged in one of these challenges, you must take part in it as well. These “chain-mail like” challenges allow for Instagram users to interact with their followers and friends and put the “social” aspect back into social distancing.

Other than Instagram Story Challenges, there have also been other trends such as bingo and story “about me” templates. These trends have allowed users to share facts about themselves as well as create custom bingo templates about different topics such as “Kamehameha School student” bingo, “musician” bingo, and many others that have interested specific groups of users.

Overall, these social media trends on TikTok and Instagram are just a few of the ways that people have stayed entertained and connected with their friends during these last few weeks of quarantine.

Senior, Chase Kane said, “While I do think that the Instagram trends could be a bit much at times, I do think that the trends do a good job at keeping everyone busy and involved on social media.”

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